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How much does legal advice cost in Russia? What is the price of a lawyer's services? How much does it cost to hire an attorney to participate in one court session? The topic is large, let's discuss it! 

*The information on the cost of legal services listed below was correct as of February 1, 2021. After that, by the beginning of 2022, prices increased by about 10%.

Русская версия текста.

The cost of services depends on the level of the lawyer

Obviously, the amount of the fee depends on the level of the expert. Lawyers are now actively competing for a client, but the best of them can choose orders themselves (since they are the most in-demand specialists).

Can a free lawyer be good? As a rule, it can't. For example, there is an opinion that free criminal lawyers (provided by the state) often actually "play" on the side of the prosecution.

At the same time, a high price does not always indicate a high level of the expert (1), and that he will treat your order responsibly (2). By the way, let's make a deal that the combination of the two above conditions allows us to characterize the expert as a "good lawyer". Your task is to find a good lawyer at an adequate price.

Hourly or project payment (for the completed task)

The amount of 1 hour fee a legal consultant in Moscow starts from 2000 rubles. If you choose the hourly method of calculating the cost, you will learn about the amount of remuneration only after the provision of services (or the stage of services). That is, after receiving an invoice from a lawyer.

As a rule, it is more convenient for individuals to use payment for a project (for a completed task) – in this case, you will immediately have an understanding of the exact cost of services. Be sure to sign a written contract.

Payment in advance or after the provision of services?

This issue is the subject of an agreement between the lawyer and the client in each individual case. The lawyer has no guarantee that the client will pay for the services rendered (if the payment is made upon the provision of services). And the client has no guarantee that the lawyer will provide services properly and in full (if the payment for services is in advance). This is also why it is important to find a lawyer you trust.

Taking into account these reasons, a phased payment is often used. For example: drafting a claim (1), a court of first instance (2), appealing a court decision on appeal (3), appealing in cassation (4).

Approximate rates

Below are the approximate tariffs that you can use in Moscow. The cost of legal services in other Russian regions is usually lower.

Table No. 1. Courts and arbitration courts

Defending of interests in court*  Cost, rub. **
Drafting of a claim from 9000
Drafting an appeal from 14000
Drafting a cassation appeal from 14000
Taking pictures of the court case materials from 4500
Conducting a case in court (general jurisdiction) from 40000
Conducting a case in an arbitration court from 50000
Conducting a case in the intellectual property rights court from 50000
To hire a lawyer to participate in one court session from 5000
  • *Please note that since 2019, only a person with a higher legal education can be a representative in court. By the way, the services of lawyers who have the bar status usually cost more.
  • ** All related expenses (state fees, property valuation services, notary services, etc.) are paid by the client additionally. We suggest discussing these issues with a lawyer in advance and fixing them in writing in the contract with him.

Table No. 2. Other legal services.

Legal consulting / Type of legal assistance Cost, rub.
Legal advice from 2000
Written legal advice from 4500
Legal examination of documents from 3000
Drafting of a legal opinion from 6000
Legal audit of the counterparty  from 2500
Legal examination of the contract (for 1 page) from 500
Drawing up a contract from 4500
Participation in negotiations (for 1 hour) from 2500
Development of a package of documents for new projects from 9000
Legal support of transactions (including with real estate) from 30000
Selection of an apartment in a new building (with transaction support) from 60000
Legal support of business (price per month) from 40000
Legal audit of the organization from 40000
Drafting of a pre-trial claim from 8000
Drafting of a response to a claim from 9000
Drafting of a complaint to the FAS (Russian antitrust service) from 14000
Representation of the client's interests in government agencies from 9000
Protection of the client's interests in a dispute of participants (shareholders) from 50000
Creation of a group of companies (including abroad of the Russian Federation) from 100000

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